Dr. Udo-Martin Gómez

Dr. Gómez is Senior Vice President of Robert Bosch GmbH. He is Head of Engineering Sensors & Business Line Sensors (AE/NE-SE AE/PA-SE) at Bosch Automotive Electronics in Reutlingen, Germany, the world’s largest MEMS supplier serving the Automotive, Consumer Electronics and IoT industry. Having completed his doctorate in physics, Dr. Gómez started his career at Robert Bosch GmbH in 1999 at Corporate Sector Research and Advanced Engineering (MEMS technology).

Before joining Bosch Automotive Electronics in April 2018, he worked in various management positions at Bosch and also held the position of Chief Expert for MEMS sensor technology. From 2013 to March 2018, he was Chief Technical Officer of Bosch Sensortec GmbH – a fully-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, responsible for research and development of micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS) for consumer electronics, smartphones, security systems, industrial technology and logistics.

Since 2020, Dr. Gómez is member of the advisory board of VDE/VDI-Society Microelectronics, Microsystems and Precision Engineering (GMM). From 2014 to 2019, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Board of VDE/VDI-GMM. Since 2015, he is also member of the GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance) EMEA Leadership Council.

Valérie Renaudin

Valérie Renaudin is a research director at Gustave Eiffel University, equivalent full Professor. She obtained the Master’s degree in Geomatics Eng. in 1999, and the PhD in Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences at EPFL in 2009. She was Technical Director of Swissat, Samstagern, Switzerland, where she developed real-time positioning solutions based on a permanent global network of satellite navigation systems (GNSS), and Senior Research Associate of the PLAN group at the University of Calgary, Canada. She currently heads the Geopositioning Laboratory (GEOLOC) at the Gustave Eiffel University, Nantes in France, where she has built a team specializing in the positioning and navigation of travelers in multimodal transport. Her research focuses on indoor/outdoor navigation using GNSS, as well as inertial and magnetic data, especially for pedestrians to improve sustainable personal mobility. She is the topical editor of a special issue of the IEEE Sensors Journal and a member of the editorial boards of MDPI’s Sensors and Hindawi’s Journal of Sensors. She is also a member of the steering committee of the international conference “Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation”. Valérie Renaudin has received several awards including a Marie Curie European grant for the smartWALK project.

Manuel Rodrigues

Graduated from ESPCI (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle) in 1990, he started his career in ONERA to develop metrology technics for aeronautic sensors. In 1994, he developed a calibration test bench for the nutation damping system of METEOSAT satellites. Then, he joined the department developing space accelerometers in which he participated to elaborate the performance budgets of several space science missions: LISA, CHAMP, GRACE, GEOSTEP. In 2000, he took the head of the MICROSCOPE project in ONERA and became in 2017 the Science Co-Investigator of the mission. He is also member of the French national program council dedicated to Gravitation Experiment and was awarded in 2019 by the National Academy of Sciences.