Ieee Mb White

Invited Speakers

CNRS- Institut d’Optique Graduate School, France

Quantum Sensors for GPS-Denied Navigation

Inertial sensors based on cold atoms and light-pulse interferometry exhibit state-of-the-art sensitivity and ultra-low measurement bias that could revolutionize a variety of fields including geophysics and seismology, gravitational wave detection and fundamental tests of gravity, and inertial navigation. We will present in this talk the progress towards a full, 3D, Quantum inertial Navigation System.

A compact 6-axis IMU combining low-power operation with high stability and low noise

Consumer-grade inertial measurement units (IMU) have traditionally fallen into either the low-power sensor category suitable for wearable and IoT applications or consumer high-end sensors for AR/VR applications with improved stability but higher power consumption. ST disrupts this compromise between power and performance with a low-current 6-axis MEMS IMU that demonstrates excellent stability and noise performance. Join me as we discover the architecture, design choices, and test results of this remarkable sensor.