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Invited Speaker

Carlo Valzasina

Presenter Bio

Carlo Valzasina is MEMS Design Manager for Inertial Sensors in STMicroelectronics Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group. Carlo joined STMicroelectronics in 2007, working in the test and calibration of MEMS sensors and then moving in the physical design of inertial MEMS. He has contributed to the design of several consumer, industrial and automotive accelerometers, gyroscopes and IMUs, now totalizing several billion units sold in the market. He is the inventor of 28 European and US patents filed in the MEMS inertial sensor design field, and he authored multiple papers in this field.

A compact 6-axis IMU combining low-power operation with high stability and low noise
Consumer-grade inertial measurement units (IMU) have traditionally fallen into either the low-power sensor category suitable for wearable and IoT applications or consumer high-end sensors for AR/VR applications with improved stability but higher power consumption. ST disrupts this compromise between power and performance with a low-current 6-axis MEMS IMU that demonstrates excellent stability and noise performance. Join me as we discover the architecture, design choices, and test results of this remarkable sensor.