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Dušan Radović

Bosch Sensortec
Presenter Bio

Mr. Dušan Radović got Dipl.-Ing. degree from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Serbia in 1999. During his career he worked on topics of aircraft noise measurement, design of electronics for quartz oscillators, design of integrated circuits for mobile communication. He participated in several EU projects on research of UWB technology. Since 2012 he works at Bosch Sensortec as sensor expert in the development of inertial sensors as BMI160, BMI260 to name а few. His expertise and interests cover areas of testing automation, sensor prototyping and applications.

Consumer Inertial MEMS – High Tech in Your Hands
Consumer inertial MEMS sensors or inertial measurement units (IMU) are tiny devices with typical package size of 2.5mm x 3mm which contain three axes accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. They can be found in many products we get in touch almost every day as smart phone, fitness tracker, smart watch, gaming controller, toy… Two of those high tech IMU devices named BMI160 are inside NASA helicopter Ingenuity which did fly many times on Mars surface in 2021. The tutorial provides explanation what is inside tiny consumer inertial MEMS sensors and give each participant opportunity to put hands-on them by using hardware that will be provided. After looking what is inside, technology and application overview we continue with how to start using consumer inertial MEMS sensor by explaining basic electrical connections and communication protocols. Based on the datasheet information we show how to write simple scripts to obtain sensor data – motion information. Each participant will have opportunity to use its own hardware to configure sensor, read out data, do evaluation of parameters like accelerometer or gyroscope offset and noise. We conclude with some more experiments and proposals for further measurements with the provided hardware.