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Dušan Radović

Mr. Dušan Radović got Dipl.-Ing. degree from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Serbia in 1999. During his career he worked on topics of aircraft noise measurement, design of electronics for quartz oscillators, design of integrated circuits for mobile communication. He participated in several EU projects on research of UWB technology. Since 2012 he works at Bosch Sensortec as sensor expert in the development of inertial sensors as BMI160, BMI260 to name а few. His expertise and interests cover areas of testing automation, sensor prototyping and applications.

Malo Cadoret

Dr. Malo Cadoret is an associate professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris, France) and a
research associate at the French Aerospace Lab ONERA (Paris Saclay – University). He is an experimental atomic
physicist. His research aims to advance quantum sensors to new regimes with unprecedented sensitivity,
miniaturized size, and apply them for metrology and navigation.

Before that, he got his PhD in atomic physics in 2007, under the supervision of Dr. François Biraben at Laboratoire
Kastler Brossel of Ecole Normale Supérieure, where he worked on the « determination of the fine structure
constant by combination of Bloch oscillations and atom interferometry ». He was a guest-researcher at the
National Institue of Standards and Technology (NIST, Gaithersburg, USA) in the laser cooling and trapping group led
by Pr. William Philipps and a post-doctoral researcher in the cold atom group of the French Aerospace Lab
(ONERA , Palaiseau) led by Dr. Alexandre BRESSON.

He is the author of 42 peer-reviewed articles in the domain.

Enrico Quatraro

Enrico Quatraro is a sensor expert with almost 15-year background in the development of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes and FOG based Inertial Measurement Units. He approached optics and optoelectronic devices at the Polytechnic University of Bari, where he developed a fiber amplifier based on photonic crystal fibers, and soon after, he started his job career in the world of the inertial navigation and inertial sensors.

He joined Civitanavi Systems, one of the World leading companies in the development of Inertial Navigation solutions, in 2013, where he is currently in charge as Principal Hardware and Sensors Engineer.